ABOUT katia

Katrina Alexandria (Katia), the founder of Katia ™ Foods, LLC., was raised on mostly fruit, veggies and protein. Growing up in Russia in the 80's and early 90's, there was no such thing as preservatives, chemicals, hormones, or GMO. Moving to the U.S. in her early teen years, she quickly noticed a significant weight gain and was constantly feeling tired. But how could this be happening if she hasn't changed her eating habits at all--she wondered. Something didn't add up. Being an overweight teenager was simply not an option, so she began researching U.S. food supply and spent countless hours learning all she could about the various types of foods/nutrients and its impact on our health. The knowledge she acquired over the years translated into healthier food choices and the weight, the mood, and the overall well-being started improving.
As the years went by, her undeniable passion for healthy living kept growing. She started making her own face and body lotions, deodorants, and most importantly, carefully selecting what she puts in her body. She incorporates a ton of superfoods into her organic daily diet, such as veggies, fruit, nuts, seeds, minerals, etc. But, running multiple businesses, it was hard to ensure all these various nutrients always get into the daily food intake. She said: "there's got to be a better way". Experimenting with the available protein bars on the market, she didn't find one that met both of her requirements: incredible nutrition and incredible taste. Yes, there are a few somewhat "healthy" options out there. But that wasn't good enough. People deserve better! She wanted the healthiest, most nutrient dense bar, while maintaining the "wow" taste. It became clear to her it was time to make her own. So, she took all those superfoods she was already incorporating into her daily diet, added a few other very nutritious ingredients to the mix, and after a ton of experimenting, she finally said: "this is exactly what a protein/nutrition bar should taste like!
Family, friends, and colleagues were the original guinea pigs (aka "happy tasters"), however, none of them were yet let in on the "secret"--she wanted to start a business and ensure everyone, not just her friends and family had access to the most nutritious and delicious protein bars around. When the response from everyone who tasted the bars was the overwhelming "wow, this is incredible, you should sell this stuff", she knew she succeeded. And she was right. This is how Katia ™ was born.
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